Off Grid Battery Based Solar Electric Systems

6840 watts of off-grid power – 24 Solarworld monocrystalline modules

Off Grid Estimates

First Light Solar specializes in designing and installing off grid and grid tied with battery back-up systems. We take into account the intended use of the system, and the amount of batteries and solar panels you need to run your equipment – well pumps, refridgeration, heating, lighting and appliances.

Whether you need an off grid system or you are looking for a backup power source in preparation for grid failures, we have a solution for you. We can measure or estimate the wattage of the appliances and any other loads that will be supported by the battery system so that when we design the system we know that it will provide you with all the power you need.

Off grid Design & Installation

The two design parameters we try to work with are your power needs and your budget. With that in mind, we design the best possible system, using top quality equipment to provide a rugged, reliable power system. This can include sealed maintenance free batteries, back-up generators with auto start and on-line system monitoring in addition to high quality solar panels with a variety of mounting solutions: top of pole mounts, roof mounts and ground mounts.

Our mounting systems are engineered to withstand the fiercest wind and snow loads. All systems we install meet the 2014 National Electrical Code standards, including the new Rapid Disconnect requirement for first responder safety.

Outback FLEXpower2 off grid system – 2 FLEXmax 80 charge controllers, 2 Midnite Solar combiner boxes and 20kW Cummins-Onan backup generator. Connected to internet with Outback Power Mate3 system controller and OpticsRE online monitoring

Putting finishing touches on a battery cabinet for 24 sealed Fullriver batteries (AGM)

Reliable Off Grid Power

At First Light Solar, we take pride in our work. Our job doesn’t end when the system is finally installed, inspected and turned on. We’re there for you to answer questions, follow up with instructions on system operation and maintenance, check in with on-line monitoring systems and troubleshoot and fix problems. All major system components such as solar panels, inverters and batteries are covered by manufacturer’s warranties ranging from 5 to 30 years. And First Light Solar gives a 5 year warranty on workmanship and materials (other than factory warranted parts) on the complete systems we design and install.